Wednesday Talk: Beautiful People

heart 1I woke up this morning with a question on my mind – “What makes people beautiful?”

Just to clarify, I don’t mean the outward appearance of a person, nor do I mean the glitz and glam beauty of a movie star.

In my humble opinion, there are many types of “beautiful” in this world, and I am grateful to be able to witness all kinds of beauty on a daily basis.

For the sake of simplicity, I would like to share 3 major factors to what makes people truly beautiful in my eyes.

1. Positive Attitude
In the midst of all the negativity and chaos going on around us this day in age, an attitude that emanates positive energy truly shines bright. It’s so easy for people to get wrapped up in all the sad, cruel, nasty happenings of this world. I’m not saying it’s easy to remain positive at all times. At the end of the day, however, those who choose to see the bright side of things inspire me to continue my journey with a positive outlook. It’s not easy, trust me. I’ve been through many downs in life myself. I just personally choose light over darkness.

2. Giving, rather than receiving
There is something so beautiful about people who give and genuinely love to give without expecting anything in return. There have been plenty of moments in my life when I have thought “What’s the point of giving when the receiver is ungrateful?” At the end of the day I realize, I’d rather still give to an ungrateful person than not to have given at all. Why not give when I’ve been blessed with the ability to give? My hope is that one day, the ungrateful receiver will learn to appreciate what others have done for them in the past and start learning to give as well be it time, love, support or even something tangible,

3. Praying people
How many times in your lives have you felt helpless, hopeless, dying to help someone out in need, but there just simply wasn’t a way to assist them? Especially for those you love and cherish? When I see my family, friends, or even strangers hurting, and there’s nothing I can do to help relieve their burden, I put my hands together and pray. Praying not only for yourself, but for others is just so powerful to me. I have witnessed countless beautiful people getting on their knees and putting their hands together in prayer for those they love, care for, and for those in need. Praying people never cease to amaze me with their inner beauty.

I have seen and have crossed paths with so many beautiful people who smile through their tears no matter how difficult life may seem, give their last bit of strength to those reaching out for help, and pray for others selflessly. It is my hope to continue witnessing true beauty in people around me.

I strive to become a beautiful person every day, and I hope you will join me on my journey to becoming and remaining true to my own beauty, both inside and outside.

What are some attributes you see in “beautiful people”? How do you plan on becoming beautiful more and more each day? Please do share!