L0velight! Series I : My Furbabies, my Heart – “Yeppie, an Angel Pup”

L0velight! Series will be about my love and passion for various things, people, places in life.

For my 1st post, I would like to share with you my passion, my Heart, my everything… *DRUM ROLL*

..my furbabies!

I’m going to warn you now… this may get a bit long, make you teary-eyed, and for those of you who can relate to my sincere love for animals, you may want to sit back, kick up your feet and possibly grab a few tissues.

Animals have always held a special place in my heart since I could remember – especially dogs. When I was a little girl living in South Korea where I was born, my aunt and uncle had a little chihuahua boy named, Minky. For some reason Minky never liked me and would chase me around literally trying to bite my ankles. Regardless of Minky’s not-s0-happy feelings towards me, I loved on him every chance I got.

Despite my love for dogs, my parents never had a pet, and I don’t understand how we could have ever lived without one or two or five.

Our very 1st puppy was a gift to my mom from my older brother and I. It was Christmas of 2001, and I was about to leave for college the following year. We wanted to ease the feeling of emptiness for my mom, so we thought getting her a puppy would be a great idea.

Initially, my mom wanted NOTHING to do with Yeppie, our chihuahua/rat terrier mix puppy. My brother and I had feared she would tell us to return Yeppie to the pet store because my mom was never an animal person.

Fast forward a couple months, my mom and Yeppie became inseparable! Yeppie chose my mom as her “person”, and no one was allowed to go near her without Yeppie’s permission. We loved on our very 1st furbaby like there was no tomorrow. She went almost everywhere with us. Though others often commented on her small head on her somewhat large body poking fun, Yeppie was the most beautiful pupster in our eyes.

One summer day in July of 2003, something terrible happened. Without having to relive one of the saddest days of my life, I will simply share with you that Yeppie was hit by a car and did not survive. On a brighter note, though she was hit by a vehicle, Yeppie left us with a smile on her face, her beautiful soul and love for our family shining through.

To this day, Yeppie holds a very special place in our hearts, and we truly believe she is looking down upon us and our new furbabies. She was a true blessing and an angel who touched our lives so dear, even if it was for less than 2 years of her lifetime. We will always remember her love for our family, snuggle and cuddle times, her playful demeanor she shared only with us.

To anyone who has ever lost a furbaby, I send you and your loved ones endless hugs and puppy kisses on behalf of my family. Let’s do our best to hug our furbabies extra, kiss them and play with them daily, and enjoy life to the fullest with them by our side. Thanks to Yeppie, my family and I will never be without four-legged (or less) furry family members ever again.

Yeppie Park – 2001 to 2003 ❤


Our furbabies now – Coco, Minnie and Cali


I will be introducing each of them in my upcoming L0velight! posts because I believe they all deserve their own posts!

Thank you for stopping by, for reading my ramblings, and I’m sending you many furbabies’ LOVE from my home to yours.

Do you have special furbabies in  your life? What are some of your favorite memories with them? Please do share!